Microsoft Teams

Teams is a chat app marketed to workplaces. Its functions are really helpful for classroom discussion, as it tends to be more organized than email. Teams is similar to Slack or Discord, if you’ve ever used those apps.

Signing up

Go to our Team and join. This is a GMU-supported Microsoft app so you should just log in with your regular GMU credentials. You can access our team with the code x4ro90a.

How to access

  • As a website. If you don’t want to download another app to your computer or phone, you can use
  • With the desktop and/or mobile app. The desktop app can be downloaded from Microsoft or from the App Store. You can then easily open this app whenever you want to work on course material, and close it when you’re no longer working. Alternatively you can leave it open all the time, and set “do not disturb” hours so that you don’t get notifications outside your working hours.

Learning to use

Mason provides a lot of material that will help you learn to use Teams. It is officially supported by GMU so IT can answer questions about it whenever you have trouble. Mainly, you need to be able to send messages to a channel.